Bowie's books

the hundred literary heroes who changed his life

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Publicatiedatum:   12-11-2019
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'Brilliant. The unwritten Bowie book that needed writing' CAITLIN MORAN

'What is your idea of perfect happiness?'

'What is the quality you most like in a man?'
'The ability to return books.'

Three years before he died, David Bowie made a list of the one hundred books that had transformed his life - a list that formed something akin to an autobiography. From Madame Bovary to A Clockwork Orange, the Iliad to the Beano, these were the publications that had fuelled his creativity and shaped who he was.

In Bowie's Books, John O'Connell explores this list in the form of one hundred short essays, each offering a perspective on the man, performer and creator that is Bowie, his work as an artist and the era that he lived in.

Bowie's Books is much more than a list of books you should read in your lifetime: it is a unique insight into one of the greatest minds of our times, and an indispensable part of the legacy that Bowie left behind.

    EAN: 9781526605801
    Uitgever: Bloomsbury Publishing
    Publicatiedatum:   12-11-2019
    Uitvoering: Boek
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