Raspberry Pi Full Stack

a comprehensive course that will teach you how to build a modern IoT application

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Publicatiedatum:   03-01-2022
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This book will take you on a whirlwind tour of full-stack web application development using Raspberry Pi. You will learn how to build an application from the ground up.

You will gain experience and know-how of technologies including:

- The Linux operating system and command line.
- The Python programming language.
- The Raspberry Pi General Purpose Input Output pins (GPIOs).
- The Nginx web server.
- Flask Python web application microframework.
- JQuery and CSS for creating user interfaces.
- Dealing with time zones.
- Creating charts with Plotly and Google Charts.
- Data logging with Google Sheet.
- Developing applets with IFTTT.
- Securing your application with SSL.
- Receiving SMS notifications to your phone using Twilio.
- This book will also teach you how to set up a remote wireless Arduino sensor node and collect data from it. Your - - --- Raspberry Pi web application will be able to process Arduino node data in the same way it processes data from its onboard sensor.

Raspberry Pi Full Stack will teach you many skills essential to building Web and Internet of Things applications.

The application you will build in this project is a platform that you can extend upon. This is just the start of what you can do with a Raspberry Pi and the software and hardware components that you will learn about.

This book is supported by the author via a dedicated discussion space.

    EAN: 9781907920950
    Uitgever: Elektor International Media BV
    Publicatiedatum:   03-01-2022
    Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
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